Annually, Minnesota recycles over two million tons of waste, the second best rate in the country. Despite these accomplishments, Minnesotans could recycle much more than we do. Twenty-one percent of our garbage is recyclable paper, and more than half of the people in the state still don't recycle at all.

Recycling 101

All the basics you need to know to start recycling in your Twin Cities area home or apartment.

City Recycling Information

Information on how to contact your city or township's recycling coordinator.

What are my Recyclables Used to Make?

Learn what the materials you recycle are often used to make.

Recycling While Away From Home

Are you planning on traveling sometime soon? Taking a vacation or going on a road trip? Minnesotans are increasingly recycling at home, but do you keep it going while you’re away from home?

Buy Recycled

Although recycling starts at the curb, it doesn’t end there. Hundreds of everyday products, such as notebook and copy paper, polar fleece, and yard and garden furniture, are made from recycled materials.

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