Rethink Recycling's Community Education Toolkit

Community Education Toolkit

Many people do not know that almost 40% of what is thrown away can be recycled and some things we throw away can become hazardous to our environment. Our toolkit will help you inspire, educate and actively engage others to reduce their amount of trash and use less toxic products. It is designed for groups of any size, age or composition.

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Community Education Toolkit by Topic

Reduce & Reuse: Learn why and how to reduce waste and reuse items, including packaging, donation and junk mail.

Toxicity Reduction: Learn about reducing your exposure to hazardous chemicals, including a recipe for homemade nontoxic household cleaner.

Recycling: Learn why and how to recycle more, including tips and recycling games.

Recycling Bingo Instructions
Recycling Bingo Cards 

Organics Management: Learn about managing organic waste, including backyard composting.

Green Your Event: Learn how to plan a greener event, including shopping and gift-giving tips.

Green Office Resources: Learn about reducing waste in the workplace, including donation, recycling and greener supplies.

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