Eliminate or Minimize Unnecessary Packaging

Many businesses use considerably more packaging than is necessary and they can greatly reduce their costs by conducting an analysis of their packaging needs. Sometimes excessive or unnecessary packaging of a product occurs simply because a business does not reevaluate their packaging needs as their products change or as new packaging technology becomes available. 

By reevaluating a company's transport packaging system, they can often find that eliminating unnecessary packaging results in both reduced material purchase and the ability to include a greater amount of product in each shipment.

Minimize The Number And Amount Of Materials Used In Packaging

Companies often overpackage their products for shipment including the use of excessive shrink wrap and unnecessary padding. Businesses can reduce the amount of materials needed to safely ship your products. Sometimes it is a matter of education, retraining, or communication. Sometimes it's a matter of streamlining. For example, order a smaller size box to ship a product that has been redesigned to be an inch smaller on each side rather than have your employees put more padding in the old boxes.

There are many instances where a company's products can be shipped in bulk, thereby saving packaging as well as the labor of assembling the packaging, placing the product in the packaging, closing the packaging and the costs of the tape or adhesive used to close the packaging.

(Source: King County, Washington)

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