Special Events - Environmentally Friendly Transportation Options

Transportation is one of our society's largest contributors to local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.  Fortunately,  traveling in an environmentally friendly way is no longer a challenge.  Below is a list of easy, earth and wallet friendly transportation options for special events that can make a lasting difference on the environment.

Bike or Walk

Minneapolis/ St. Paul are very biker and walker friendly cities; take the time to enjoy your surroundings.

  • Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Hennepin County and Metro County bike maps

Take the LRT or Bus

Twin Cities Metro Transit is an easy and fast way to get around the city.

  • Plan the route you need to take or buy transit passes online: Metro Transit

Try Multi-Modal

  • Use a bike to get to an express bus or the Hiawatha Line Light Rail, then use the transit service to get you across town:
    Bike-n-Ride Bus | Bike-n-Ride Hiawatha LRT | Bike-n-Ride Northstar
  • Drive to a park-and-ride lot, then take the bus or train to your final destination: Find a Park and Ride

Share a Ride-Carpool

There are lots of options and discount parking at many parking lots for carpools.

  •  Saint Paul Smart Trips
  •  Minneapolis Transportation Management Organization

Taxi Ideas

  • Share a taxi with others
  • Let your driver know you are concerned about idling and clean fuels.

Human Power - Pedicabs

Check local yellow page listings for pedicab companies operating in your area. These human powered bikes can easily drive up to two people around an area in a fun manner that has zero emissions.

If You Must Drive

  • If you are renting a vehicle - look for the most fuel efficient.
  • Plan excursions to avoid unnecessary driving.
  • Accelerate gradually-a smooth start uses less fuel.
  • Keep your vehicle well-tuned and tires inflated properly to reduce exhaust emissions.
  • Combine excursions into one trip-cars pollute less when they are warmed up.
  • Avoid idling-idling exhaust contains more pollutants than running exhaust.
  • Use cleaner fuels: low-sulfur gasoline (available in the Twin Cities) reduces pollutants by 10-15% or 85% ethanol fuel (E85) can be used in flexible fuel vehicles..

From the Airport

There are a variety of transportation options from the airport to your destination, including the bus and LRT.  Metro Transit bus service to the Twin Cities metropolitan area and Jefferson Lines scheduled bus service are both accessible at the Lindbergh Terminal's Transit Center. You can reach the Transit Center from the Red and Blue parking ramps or by taking the Hub Tram from the Lindbergh Terminal's Tram Level. 

  • Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Ground Transportation
  • There are also shared ride services, such as Super Shuttle

Taking the Train

Rail travel is a great environmentally-friendly alternative to flying.  A train uses up to 70% less energy and causes up to 85% less air pollution compared to a jet aircraft. 

  • The Minneapolis-St. Paul region is serviced by Amtrak, which provides many travel options through connections in Chicago.

Carbon Offset / Renewable Energy Credits

Purchase Renewable Energy Credits from a reputable dealer in order to offset the amount of fuel you consume getting to/from an event - whether its by car or plane.