Grand Old Day: 2010

Event Overview
Location (City/Venue)
Grand Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105
Number of Attendees
Date of Event
Sunday, June 6, 2010
Organization Hosting Event
Grand Avenue Business Association
Brief Background on Event

2010 / 37th Annual Grand Old Day. One-day festival including run/walk/rollerblade, parade, family activities, sporting organizations, art fair, 7 festival gardens and over 150 food/merchandise vendors. Event spans 2.5 miles.


We attempted food/waste recycling in 2009 and didn't continue the program in 2010 due to the amount of contamination.

Waste & Recycling
Additional Info

Ramsey County's clearstream bins were used in GABA's 3 festival gardens to collect plastic/aluminum. Each festival garden had a designated recycling dumpster for the plastic/aluminum as well as cardboard.

Waste Reduction

For 2010, all applications were done online. We used google docs. Our sponsorship packet was online as a PDF. We reused much of our signage from 2009.

Travel and Transportation
Additional Information

- Free downloadable pass from Metro Transit
- Link to Metro Transit trip planner on website
- promotion of new bike racks all along Grand
- free bike parking on Ayd Mill Bridge with St. Paul SmartTrips
- SmartTrips promoted Commuter Challenge & Bike/Walk Week during Grand Old Day
- Mpls & St. Paul bike maps linked to on website

Construction and Deconstruction

- rental of all structures (tents, stages, toilets, tables, chairs, etc)

What has been your biggest success in terms of green initiatives at your event?

Taking steps to become more environmentally friendly. Great partnerships (GreenGatherings, Ramsey County, Metro Transit, Smart Trips)! Education & awareness for event attendees.

What has been your biggest challenge in terms of green initiatives at your event?

Logistics, cost, manpower and the size/layout of our event. We've kicked off recycling in our festival gardens and would like to expand the efforts further, but haven't figured out the right logistics yet. With a 2.5 mile footprint and the use of 700 event trash boxes throughout the event, we are trying to expand recycling in phases - Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

How were the green initiatives received by event attendees and/or vendors?

The recycling bins have been great - guests fill them up! Based on feedback from event attendees, they would like to see MORE recycling at the event.

Will you plan to implement green initiatives again?

Yes. And we REALLY appreciated the use of the Ramsey County Clearstream bins!!!