County VSQG Collection Programs

Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG) collection programs offer a valuable option for businesses and organizations to manage small quantities of hazardous waste.

VSQG programs are designed to provide a convenient, safe and economical means to dispose of hazardous waste on a regular basis, thus preventing extended storage of materials on site.

With prior approval, eligible generators may transport waste in their own vehicle to the facilities listed below.

Participation Guidelines

To participate in the VSQG collection programs listed below, your business:

  • May need to have, or apply for, a hazardous waste identification number (formerly a U.S. EPA ID) from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). Refer to the MPCA's fact sheet for more information.
  • Must generate 220 pounds or less (approximately half a drum) of hazardous waste per month. However, businesses generating as little as 1 kilogram of acute hazardous waste must follow the requirements of a Large Quantity Generator (LQG).
  • Must follow Minnesota Department of Transportation hazardous materials transportation guidelines related to the use of proper containers and labeling.

Each VSQG collection program has different requirements. Contact the program first to obtain detailed information about application forms, transportation guidelines, program fees and other requirements. Participants must schedule an appointment.

County VSQG Collection Programs

The following counties provide VSQG collection programs.

  • Carver County, 952-361-1836, accepts items from businesses located in any Minnesota county.
  • Dakota County, 952-891-7557, accepts items from businesses located in any Minnesota county.
  • Ramsey County, 651-291-3451, accepts items only from Ramsey County businesses.
  • Washington County, 651-430-6655, accepts items only from Washington County businesses.

More information

Additional information about hazardous waste is available from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

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