REseat - New Child Car Seat Recycling Program

Posted on July 28, 2011

Kids grow up so fast these days and if you are a parent you know all too well how many car seats small children can go through in their young years. But what is the responsible earth savvy parent going to do with a car seat which is too small, expired or damaged?

The Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM) in partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor Communications, Carver County and Adult Training & Habilitation Center's (ATHC) Eco-site have created a solution for safely and securely recycling child car seats. A new program, called REseatTM will securely recycle all old or unwanted child safety seats. This program employs local individuals with developmental disabilities.

"This program is the first of its kind in Minnesota to safely and securely recycle the material in car seats, all of the materials are recycled including the plastic, metal and textiles. We often get calls from Minnesotans who do not want to throw these away so we decided to do something about it," commented Ellen Telander, RAM's Executive Director and creator of the program.

Clear Chanel Outdoor Communications is helping get the word out to Minnesota residents in their effort to support green initiatives affecting our communities. Carver County, ATHC, and the City of Coon Rapids serve as the first collection points for this program in the state.

Locations to drop off child safety seats for recycling include:

  • ATHC's Eco-Site
    676 Industrial Blvd., Watertown, MN
    Please call 952-955-1130 for drop off hours.
  • Coon Rapids Recycling Center
    1831 111th Avenue NW, Coon Rapids, MN
  • Carver County Environmental Center
    116 Peavey Circle, Chaska, MN


For more information about RAM's recycling programs visit


Great idea!! What is the recommended expiration date of a car seat? I've heard six years; is this still correct? Thanks.

The news story just said they should be "retired" after 5-6yrs.

We need to have an option to recycle car seats on the East side of the twin cities. I live in Woodbury and the trash is the only option out here. If I am wrong, there needs to be more advertising to explain where to recycle car seats that is not a half day car trip. If it is a law to have and use them, there should be an easy way to recycle. A landfill full of car seats is a travesty. Also, since they expire in 5-6 years, no place will take them as donation, since they are no longer "safe." Please, please consider recycling these at more locations around the twin cities. Thanks

McLeod County also has a recycling program for these carseats, and I'm hearing its FREE!

Yes, car seats should be disposed of after six years unless the car seat manufacturer states otherwise.

Yes that is correct. Most car seats should have the date they expire written on them somewhere.

Is there any place to recycle a car seat in southern minnesota, like Waseca, Blue Earth, Nicollet, or Steele Counties?

Try starting with your county's waste management office here: Ask if they know of a program near you.

If they're unable to help, try asking the folks at the Recycling Association of Minnesota. They noted expanding beyond the Twin Cities in 2012, so maybe they are in your area, or would like to hear of your interest there.

Hope that helps!

I guess expired or not, riding in a car seat is better than riding without. You ever see those cars where little kids are standing on the front seat as if they're riding wave or something.?.

~ Cole,

I wish I could see more recycling associations of this kind, car seats are not the only items that need recycling. I read some interesting facts about that on SLC junk removal and I honestly think that we need to get more involved in this sort of matters, it's all for our good future after all.

the expiration date is on the back of the seat (at the bottom) It should be engraved or raised lettering within the plastic/backing of the car seat. Look around the butt area, look under the padding. It must be there... My son was born in 1979 and his expired in 2010. Good old fashioned.

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