Recycling Tips for Summer Trips

Posted on May 01, 2013

With the end of the school just around the corner, many of us are planning a summer vacation. Traveling or staying in new locations can challenge our typical recycling habits. But with a little planning, you can still keep your paper, bottles and cans out of the trash.

On the Road Again

Once you've loaded up the family vehicle with clothes and electronic gadgets, add a bag or stackable bag-lined container to stow bottles, cans, paper, cartons and other recyclables. Teach sustainability to the kids by getting them involved with finding the recycling bin at wayside rests, public parks and even some gas stations.

I'll Fly Away

Many airports, including Minneapolis/St. Paul, provide recycling bins both inside and outside of secure areas for paper, cans and bottles. Some airlines have in-flight recycling programs for paper, plastic and aluminum, though this can depend on recycling programs at the destination airport. Ask your flight attendant if they are recycling - if not, carry your bottle, can or magazine off the plane and find the nearest recycling bin.


Once you are at your hotel, ask the clerk at check-in about the best way to recycle items from your room. If you can't recycle at your hotel, seek out the nearest public recycling bin. Better yet, do a little research before you choose hotels and restaurants. Web sites such as rate hotels' eco-friendliness based on a comprehensive 70-point survey.

Choose to Reuse

Whether flying or driving, bring along reusable water bottles, coffee mugs and shopping totes to reduce waste. has more tips for sustainable car travel at Find more information on recycling here.

What do you do to reuse or recycle when you're on the go? Please share your tips in a comment!


I bring my own dried fruit or trail mix snacks on the plane and pass the bag around to my family at snack time, rather than each of us taking the tiny bags of pretzels, cookies or peanuts they hand out. It saves some little bags from being in the trash later.

Less packaging! Great idea.

I'm on the board of directors for my local recycling coalition and man have I learned a lot. The recycling market has fallen out and recycling is starting to cost a lot more than it makes, at least in our town.

Thanks for the post. There are other benefits to recycling, too. Like it's better for the environment.

During every seasonal change we are facing different problems with unused products. Therefore we are looking for good and effective recycling tips to recycle our waste materials for reuse purpose. Here this article describes some essential facts about recycling tips especially for summer. I would like to follow some crucial points from here to develop my recycling skills. Thanks for such a wonderful and informative article.

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