Mattress Recycling!

Posted on April 16, 2010

A partnership between Hennepin County and PPL Industries has brought us the opportunity to recycle mattresses in the metro area. Finally! Mattresses and box springs are problematic in the waste stream because they are hard to move, clog up equipment and are nearly impossible to compact in a landfill. But over 80 percent of a mattress is recyclable!

PPL Industries is a non-profit organization that (among other programs for low-income families and individuals) contracts with metro businesses to do labor intensive handwork and teach basic employment skills to adults with social and economic barriers to steady mainstream employment.

Thanks to this partnership we're now able to recycle instead of throwing our mattresses!  Dry and un-moldy mattresses and box spring units are accepted for recycling at the Hennepin County facilities (see Mattresses page link below). This includes mattresses from futons, baby cribs and toddler beds. (Sleeper sofas and water beds are not recyclable at this time.)

You can read more information on our Mattresses & Box Springs page.


Also, for readers in the Western Canada area there is
Thanks Rethink Recycling.

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