Borrow and Share

Is the storage space in your home overflowing?  Many of us wish our basement or garage was less cluttered, more spacious, and more efficient.  But when it's time for a new project, sport, or read, we tend to run out and buy tools, sports equipment, and books when we could borrow or share instead.  Renting or borrowing is a great alternative to buying expensive household tools used infrequently, a good idea when trying a new sport, and a great resource for books, movies and other media. 

  • You can rent many tools from your local hardware store when you need them or consider borrowing or even sharing tools with neighbors.
  • Ask friends or try a second hand store for used sports equipment.
  • When hosting a party, ask guests to bring tables and chairs (even dishes and glasses), or rent from a party rental shop.
  • Use your local library for books, movies and more!


By borrowing and sharing instead of buying, you'll spend less money, keep your home organized, and simplify your life. Learn more at!

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