What does it mean to reuse? It is purchasing items that can be used over and over again, like cloth napkins instead of paper ones.

Many of the things we normally think of as recyclable or as garbage can be used again or made into a new, useful product. Sometimes it really isn't garbage, just resources waiting to be reused.

We all have items we no longer want. Before you throw the item out, ask yourself these questions: Is the item reusable for its original purpose? Could it be used for something else? Could someone else use it?

Donation and Resale Opportunities

Before you recycle something or throw it in the trash, consider donating or selling it to someone who can use it.  Here you'll find ideas on where to donate your things, and tips on places to buy used from.

Fix and Maintain

Rather than throwing your unwanted things away, consider repairing, maintaining or repurposing them.

Borrow and Share

By borrowing and sharing instead of buying, you'll spend less money, keep your home organized, and simplify your life. Learn more here.

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