What are my Recyclables Used to Make?

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans are shredded, cleaned, melted, and mixed with a pure aluminum base, then recast into new aluminum products. 

Aluminum Foil/Trays

Foil packaging can be made into wrapping foil, semi-rigid packaging such as pie plates and food trays, and flexible packaging such as gum or candy wrappers. 

Boxes: Cereal, Cracker, Pasta, Cake Boxes

These boxes are generally used to make new boxes, puzzles, and things such as egg cartons. 


Cardboard can be recycled into new cardboard, cereal, cake, chip and cracker boxes, puzzles, games and items such as tablet backing. 

Glass Bottles and Jars

Old food and beverage containers are crushed into a material called cullet and made into new food and beverage containers. The clear glass is used for clear containers, green glass for green containers and brown glass for brown containers. 

Magazines, Catalogs and Phone Books

Magazines are recycled into items such as food or gift boxes (boxboard), tissue paper, game boards, and greeting cards. 

Mail, Office and School Paper

These papers can be used to make new cereal boxes, facial and toilet paper, greeting cards, gift wrap, and writing paper. 


Newspaper and its inserts are mixed in with other grades of paper and used to make new newspapers, paperboard, puzzles, wallboard, gift/food boxes, cellulose insulation, and animal bedding 

Plastic Containers with a Neck #1 and #2

PETE #1 is recycled into carpet, clothing, strapping, tennis balls and other bottles. HPDE#2 is recycled into new containers, drainage pipe, film, pallets and plastic lumber for picnic tables and decks. 

Steel Food Cans

The two by-products, high grade steel pellets and tin ingots, are both remade into tinplate containers. Most steel cans are used to make new cans for food products, paint, aerosol and other materials. 


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