Winter Composting

In the fall, you should empty your bin as much as you can, so that you have space for 
freeze, remove all of the "finished" compost and put an 8-10" layer of leaves on the bottom of your bin.  Then turn the unfinished materials back in on top. Try to have the bin no more than ½ full. This will allow enough space to add your kitchen scraps into the compost bin all winter. Kitchen scraps that freeze in winter deteriorate and shrink down quickly in the spring, leaving you with room to mix in some spring-raked leaves.  

To use up your finished compost in the fall, you can mix grass seed in with the finished compost and top dress it into areas of the lawn that burnt out over the summer, or where the grass is a bit thin and you want to thicken it up. You could also simply leave your finished compost in a pile beside the bin and use it in the spring when you start planting.

If outdoor winter composting is too challenging for you, you could try worm composting.

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