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New Communications Resources

Need help planning your materials, or some inspiration for recycling-related content? Take a look at the annual SWMCB Communications Topics calendars, related monthly articles and social media posts, and other general resources.

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Residential Recycling Toolkit

Sometimes it’s confusing knowing what materials are accepted by your hauler or drop-off facility. This toolkit includes materials that can be used to educate people about residential recycling.

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Waste Reduction Toolkit

Help solve the growing garbage problem by reducing what you produce in the first place. These resources can assist you in how to produce less waste.

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Household Hazardous Waste Toolkit

Certain materials have toxic properties or other special considerations, meaning you need to be extra careful with how you dispose of them. This information will help you make sure you’re doing the right thing with these kinds of materials.

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Backyard Composting

Make sure you’re disposing of your yard waste properly, or consider turning it into something new. Learn about backyard composting and other organics recycling options.

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Product Stewardship Resources

A selection of product stewardship resources are provided for county and municipal staff to aid in the advancement of product stewardship in Minnesota.  Product stewardship means that all parties involved in designing, manufacturing, selling, and using a product share in the financial and physical responsibility for collecting and recycling products at the end of their useful lives.  

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Electronics Recycling Toolkit

We’re a connected, technological society – so make sure you’re disposing of electronics properly.

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