Waste Reduction and Public Education 101

Waste Reduction Toolkits & Curriculums

Camp Fire USA Youth Curriculum Tool Kit (pdf, 593 KB)

In 2009-2010, Camp Fire USA staff revised their Wise Old Willie K-8 curriculum for after school programs to include topics of waste reduction. The revised Wise Old Willie youth curriculum is a fun and engaging compilation of activities covering topics of natural resources, reducing and reusing waste, recycling, and household hazardous waste.

Carver County Library Storytime Lessons (pdf, 2 MB)

Carver County Library staff created these 10 storytime lessons as part of their 2009-2010 grant project. Each storytime lesson includes book suggestions, songs and fingerplays, and ideas for creative project ideas. Geared toward early childhood age children.

Community and Neighborhood Groups

This tool kit provides information, resources and activities that groups of any size, age or composition can use to take meaningful actions that are good for the environment.

Congregation Toolkit

This tool kit serves as a comprehensive resource for congregations who wish to actively respond to environmental issues that currently affect our families and communities. The tool kit contains information on which religious groups can focus their environmental education and action.

Early Childhood Family Education Toolkit

The Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) Tool Kit incorporates waste and toxicity reduction information into programs. The tool kit includes:
* Background and preparation information for educators about waste and toxicity reduction
* Lesson ideas for parent-child interaction activities and adults.
* Resources to support teaching waste and toxicity reduction concepts including handouts, websites, learning trunks and presenters.

Go Green Girl! Tool Kit and Patch Program (pdf, 180 KB)

The staff at the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin and Minnesota River Valleys created a tool kit and patch program can be used to learn how to reduce waste, improve recycling and reduce toxicity to make this world a better place. The tool kit is geared to 4th - 12th graders.

K-6 Waste Reduction Curriculum from Highland Park Elementary (doc, 244 KB)

Parents and teachers at Highland Park Elementary created waste reduction activities, worksheets, take-home activities and resources for students in K-2 and grades 3 - 6.

On-line Waste Reduction Quizzes for ESL Students

These free, on-line quizzes can be used by English Language Learners to learn about waste reduction and recycling.

Simple Reuse - Reduce - Recycle Practices PPT (ppt, 3 MB)

This Power Point focuses on Reusing, Reducing and Recycling. It is designed to be used by anyone reaching an adult audience. It has great photos and is simple and easy to present. Contact Hands On Twin Cities for additional tips on presenting this Power Point and to inquire about checking out the visual materials that go along with this presentation.

Public Education Tools

Effective Volunteer Management (pdf, 284 KB)

This handout (by Sarah Laulunen with Hands On Twin Cities) offers information on preparing volunteers for their assignments with your organization, and how to recruit and retain volunteers.

Power Point: Effective Communication (ppt, 5 MB)

A 20-slide Power Point presentation on the communication process, steps to social change, and tips for effectively delivering your message. Created by Angie Timmons, Hennepin County.

Spreading the Word and Engaging Your Audience (pdf, 2 MB)

This 17-slide presentation by Sara Habig, Communications Manager at Dakota County, will give you insight and ideas on how to understand your audience and effectively communicate your messages with a variety of audiences.

The Psychology of Sustainable Behavior: Tips for Empowering People to Take Environmentally Positive Action

The Psychology of Sustainable Behavior, by Dr. Christie Manning, is the report on which she based her presentation. The report includes the tips she described in her talk and explains why the tips are effective and examples on how to use the tips.

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