Zero Waste Event Planning Guide (pdf, 642 KB)

Use this guide when planning any event from an office meeting to a large public event. It offers tips, and step by step ideas for A-Z event planning.

Gift Giving Coupons Template (pdf, 127 KB)

A PDF template of gift giving coupons for conserving resources and saving money. You can also use the Gift Giving Coupon Ideas handout. Created by Anoka County.

Gift Giving Coupon Ideas (pdf, 33 KB)

A one page list of ideas of gift giving that conserve resources and save money for adults and children. Created by Anoka County.

Highland Park Elementary's Creative Holiday Tips (jpg, 660 KB)

One-page tips handout for parents or educators to use with elementary age children to learn about reducing waste at the holidays.

Bulk Buying vs. Multi-Packs (pdf, 114 KB)

Created through the Ecopaulitans/Preventing Harm Minnesota Green and Healthy Kids project, this document illustrates cost savings when buying food products in bulk as compared to buying multi-pack containers.

Create Less Trash at School

A great resource for ideas on how to make less waste at school

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