Food Waste Reduction/Composting

State, County, and Rethink Recycling Resources

Composting Education Tool Kit (pdf, 3 MB)

This toolkit from Washington County teaches about nature's way of recycling through decomposition and composting. 

Composting..It's Recycling Naturally Presentation (pdf, 6 MB)

This is a 40-slide Power Point presentation on the basic science and environmental benefits of backyard composting with some great visual images and photographs on every slide by Bill Fouks and Anne Ludvik with Carver County Environmental Services.

Vermiculture (worm composting) Presentation (pdf, 70 KB)

You can view a short Power Point presentation on vermiculture (worm composting) presented by the Recycling Association of Minnesota.

Vermiculture (worm composting) You Tube Video

You can view a short YouTube video on vermiculture (worm composting) by the Recycling Association of Minnesota. Vermiculture can be a good option for those who live in a small space or would like to compost indoors.

Grantee Created Resources

Worm Curriculum (pdf, 13 MB)

This curriculum was developed as part of the Victory Neighborhood project for Heidi Begin's second grade class at Loring Elementary. Created by Carmen Borgerding, (mother Heidi Begin) the curriculum included an illustrated booklet on all types of worms, a vermicomposting game, and a family survey on composting.

Worm Curriculum -- Brochure (pdf, 3 MB)

Second grade students at Loring Elementary produced this brochure on how to vermicompost as part of a curriculum, developed by Carmen Borgerding.

County Links for Educational Resources

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