Get Organized with Reused Jars!

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Reuse sauce and jelly jars to hold your little toys, game pieces and coins.  

Before starting this activity, be sure to get permission and ask for help.

What You Need

Clean, empty glass or plastic jar and their lid
Craft items - felt, pom poms, paint, pipe cleaners, old puzzle pieces, wiggle eyes, etc.
Craft glue

What You Do

1. Remove lid from jar
2. Line the top of the lid with glue.
3. Decorate the top of the lid with your favorite craft items.
4. Fill the jar with whatever knick knacks, toys, or coins that you like.
5. Return the lid to the jar and proudly display in your family room!

Explore to find out what materials can be recycled in your area. You can recycle your glass and plastic jars when you no longer need them (without all the extra stuff glued on them!). You can share additional ideas with other readers on our blog at

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