Games and Activities

Make a Recycled Valentine’s Day Card!

Make one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day cards using magazines and old greeting cards.

Create a Trash Art Masterpiece!

Using colorful, clean trash items that cannot be recycled, make a wall mural.  Consider a theme like a rainbow, a garden, undersea landscape, etc. and help children identify colors, textures, patterns.


Make Your Own Recycled Toy House!

Use a shoebox and paper towel roll to make your own toy house.

Make Your Own Lawn Bowling Set

A great idea for reusing soda bottles and leftover decorations from birthday and holiday parties.

Make a Recycled Wind Sock!

Your whole family can enjoy the summer breeze with this homemade, recycled wind sock!

Make a Recycled Game of Catch!

Use old laundry detergent bottles or milk jugs to make fun catching mitts.

Get Organized with Reused Jars!

Reuse emptied sauce and jelly jars to hold your little toys, game pieces and coins.


Make your own rainstick!

The rainstick is a musical instrument played in the belief that it could bring about rainstorms.

Create Your Own Magazine or Book Holder!

Don't throw away your kids' old cereal boxes and art projects from school—turn them into attractive magazine and book holders for their rooms!


Make Egg Carton Pumpkins!

Use old egg cartons to make miniature jack-o-lanterns.

Make a recycled desk or locker set

Use old metal cans or glass jars to make holders for your school stuff.

Make your own recycled crayons!

You can reuse your old,broken crayons to create your own colorful, one-of-a-kind crayons!

Make your own one-of-a-kind envelopes!

Make one-of-a-kind, colorful envelopes from paper you already have at home.

Make your Own Paper Beads

Create one-of-a-kind beads using holiday gift wrap scraps and your family's old magazines and catalogs!

Make a Milk Jug Mask!

Celebrate Halloween by making a mask out of recycled materials! 

Make a Recycle Monster!

These monsters are hungry for everything you recycle—old pop cans, paper, milk jugs, newspaper and much more!

Make a Green-Haired Kid!

Make your own Green-Haired Kid by reusing materials you have around the house. 

Make your own recycled paper!

Do you have construction paper scraps that you don't know what to do with?

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