Northeast Seniors for Better Living

In 2012-2013, Northeast Seniors for Better Living staff gave eight presentations throughout the community. Medication drop-off information was provided to medical clinics and the local Walgreens, where a poster about the program is now posted. Waste and toxic chemical reduction information was also shared with sister agencies and 21 community seniors had home toxic and waste reduction inspections.

In 2011-2012, the staff at Northeast Seniors for Better Living delivered ten free Waste and Toxic Reduction Workshops to seniors in the East Saint Paul community. Workshops began in March and continued through May. Details about each workshop were posted on their website and promoted via flyers, newsletter announcements, and two feature articles in the Lillie News. Home visits with 12 clients were offered to give one-on-one in-home waste and toxic reduction training. Clients also received information on how to safely dispose of medication.

Grant Type
Traditional Grant
Grant Project Year(s)
2012, 2011
Contact Information
Rosemary Wallace, Director In-Home Services
1961 Sherwood Avenue East
St. Paul, MN 55119