Linden Hills Neighborhood Council (LHiNC)

In 2008-2009, Linden Hills EcoParents had almost 50 community members attend at least one monthly meeting, including 21 individuals who attended more than one meeting. Meetings included sharing information about waste and toxicity reduction actions families could take at home. 71 individuals signed up to receive updates and notifications of EcoParents activities and meetings. 63 individuals are members of the "Linden Hills EcoParents" group on Facebook. At EcoParents events, individuals discuss regularly checking the blog. 105 families participated in one of four "green parties," which included information on low-waste/no-waste events and education around action steps residents can take to reduce waste and toxicity in the home. 130 families received information and saw waste reduction being modeled during National Night Out block parties. The EcoParents group formed partnerships with the Linden Hills Natural Home Store and other local retailers, who have donated incentives for meetings.

Volunteers staffed a booth at the annual Linden Hills Festival during the summer of 2005 with over 1,000 people in attendance. A Waste Education Quiz was developed to help educate participants about their waste reduction behaviors. 197 people took the quiz.  About half of those people were contacted six months later and asked to identify at least three source reduction activities they practiced since they took the quiz.  99% could identify three source reduction activities they now practice.  In addition, 175 residents completed and mailed junk mail postcards.  Educational articles were placed in the Linden Hills Line neighborhood newsletter, which reaches approximately 7,200 residents and businesses.

Grant Project Year(s)
2008, 2004
Contact Information
Keiko Veasey, Vice Chair
P.O. Box 24049
Minneapolis, MN 55424