Top 10 Tasks to Reduce Waste at Your Event

  1. Develop an event waste reduction plan aimed at maximizing waste reduction from both public areas and "back-of-house" preparation areas, such as kitchens.  Consider tasks that generate the most waste and think about ways to reduce them.  For example, paper waste can be a big issue.
  2. Use technology to reduce paper waste at your meeting.  This includes tools such as conference websites, online registrations and RSVPs, online advertising, making meeting materials available in PDA downloads and using interactive onsite kiosks. Encourage presenters to minimize paper copies in favor of posting documents on a website.
  3. Select venues, including outdoor venues, which offer paper, metal, plastic and glass recycling, along with food waste collection in both public and "back-of-house" preparation areas.
  4. Work with food vendors and encourage appropriate portion control to minimize food waste, and have them work with food-for-people programs to handle excess un-served food.
  5. Select food vendors that offer the use of washable plates, silverware and linens. 
  6. If printed materials are needed, use recycled paper, vegetable-based inks and print them double sided.
  7. Provide press kits and event materials online via PDA downloads or on kiosks during the event. 
  8. Select venues with cleanup crews trained to keep recyclable and reusable items out of the garbage.
  9. Choose decorations and display materials that can be reused or recycled. 
  10. Ask event attendees to bring business cards for insertion into reusable name tag holders instead of printing nametags.