Roseville Earth Day Event

Event Overview
Location (City/Venue)
Roseville/Harriet Alexander nature Center
Number of Attendees
Date of Event
Saturday, April 18, 2009
Organization Hosting Event
City of Roseville
Brief Background on Event
Earth Day celebration includes exhibits, arts and crafts and a pancake breakfast
Food Practices
Required safe food handling practices
Implemented a food waste recovery initiative (food to hogs, composting, etc.)
Waste & Recycling
Waste Management Methods Used
Trash Disposal
Organics Management (food/paper waste composting, food to hogs, food donation, etc.)
Program Audiences
Recycling - Vendors/Exhibitors
Recycling - Event Participants
Organics Management - Vendors/Exhibitors
Organics Management - Event Participants
Additional Info
Trash 3 lbs 6 oz, Recycling 29 lbs 9 oz, Organics 33 lbs, 3 oz
Waste Reduction
Waste Reduction Methods Used
Use of technology to minimize paper waste (e.g. online registration, webcasting, no printing of meeting materials
Resource and Energy Use
Energy Reduction Methods Used
Use of energy efficient lighting
Travel and Transportation
Transportation amenities offered at event
Bike racks/parking
Volume of waste diverted from trash through recycling/organics collection
What has been your biggest success in terms of green initiatives at your event?
Taking an event were everything used to end up in the trash and turning it into an event where next to nothing was put in the trash.
What has been your biggest challenge in terms of green initiatives at your event?
Educating the public and food service personnel
How were the green initiatives received by event attendees and/or vendors?
Attendees were very receptive and enthusiastic
Will you plan to implement green initiatives again?