Green Practices for the Hotel and Restaurant Industry

Event Overview
Location (City/Venue)
St. Paul/Crowne Plaza Riverfront
Number of Attendees
Date of Event
Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Organization Hosting Event
Brief Background on Event
Green Practices for the Hotel and Restaurant Industry for the 2008 Republican National Convention and Beyond was an event co-hosted by GreenGatherings and Hospitality Minnesota, an association representing Minnesota's resorts, campgrounds, hotels and restaurants. The event provided greening resources to MN hospitality business owners.
Food Practices
Procured locally grown and/or organic foos for event menu
Required safe food handling practices
Implemented a food waste recovery initiative (food to hogs, composting, etc.)
All food was either locally grown or organic. The main course was a steak provided by a Thousand Hills Cattle Company. The Crowne Plaza was excellent about working with planners to design a local and organic menu. The hotel also had a food-to-hogs program that was in place prior to the event.
Waste & Recycling
Waste Management Methods Used
Trash Disposal
Organics Management (food/paper waste composting, food to hogs, food donation, etc.)
Volume (cubic yards/tons) of Waste Managed
Program Audiences
Recycling - Event Participants
Organics Management - Vendors/Exhibitors
Additional Info
The hotel had a food-to-hogs program that was in place prior to the event. Vendors/exhibitors above refers to the event venue.
Waste Reduction
Waste Reduction Methods Used
Use of technology to minimize paper waste (e.g. online registration, webcasting, no printing of meeting materials

Bulk cream and sugar containers were used instead of individually wrapped packets. Reusable spoons were also provided instead of disposable stir sticks.

Resource and Energy Use
Energy Reduction Methods Used
Held event at a facility that uses green power (e.g., Saint Paul RiverCentre)
Use of energy efficient lighting
90% of the lighting on the hotel property is fluorescent. Lights, escalators and air-conditioning are also turned off when rooms are not in use. Event venue is powered by renewable energy through St. Paul District Energy.
Travel and Transportation
Transportation amenities offered at event
Bike racks/parking
Transportation information promoted to event attendees, volunteers, vendors & exhibitors
Metro Transit Trip Planner
Bus routes
Location Selection
Held event at a venue easily accessible by transit
What has been your biggest success in terms of green initiatives at your event?
The menu was probably the biggest success. The Crowne Plaza worked very well with us on developing a menu that was local and organic.
How were the green initiatives received by event attendees and/or vendors?
Good - not all presenters abided by the no handouts rule, but for the most part the reception was positive.
Will you plan to implement green initiatives again?