Derby Day Party

Event Overview
Location (City/Venue)
private home in Edina
Number of Attendees
Date of Event
Saturday, May 1, 2010
Brief Background on Event
My friend hosts a party on Derby Day each year, and this year we went low-waste by collecting organics and traditional recycling, and using reusable plates, glasses and utensils.
Food Practices
Implemented a food waste recovery initiative (food to hogs, composting, etc.)
Our food waste and non-recyclable paper were collected for commercial composting.
Waste & Recycling
Waste Management Methods Used
Trash Disposal
Organics Management (food/paper waste composting, food to hogs, food donation, etc.)
Volume (cubic yards/tons) of Waste Managed
13.2 lbs of organics, 30.2 lbs of bottles and cans, 6 ounces of trash
Program Audiences
Recycling - Event Participants
Organics Management - Event Participants
Waste Reduction
Waste Reduction Methods Used
Use of reusable plates, silverware, and linene
Other Initiatives
Please describe any other green initiatiives implemented at your event?
We put up small signs alerting guests that we would be collecting organics, so they were primed before they went to dispose of their food waste.
Volume of waste diverted from trash through recycling/organics collection
43.4 pounds of waste diverted
What has been your biggest success in terms of green initiatives at your event?
It's one thing to imagine you'll have little trash after recycling and composting, but seeing just 6 oz after a large party sends the low-waste message home. Seeing is believing!
What has been your biggest challenge in terms of green initiatives at your event?
We'll have to ban plastic straws next year.
How were the green initiatives received by event attendees and/or vendors?
Attendees were enthusiastic, and did a good job of keeping contaminants out of the organics bins.
Will you plan to implement green initiatives again?