For Property Management

Talk to Your Tenants

Find out what your tenants' recycling needs are either by administering a quick survey or talking to them in person.  What kinds of recyclable materials do they have?  What are their needs and considerations for setting up a recycling program? 

Find a Recycling Hauler

Comparison shop for a recycling hauler - a list of service providers is provided on our Recycling Pick-Up services page.   Key questions to ask potential providers include:

  • What materials do you collect and how should they be sorted?
  • Do you provide collection containers (dumpster for building, bins for individual tenants)?
  • What are your payment terms? Do you require a contract for service?
  • Do you provide labels or signs for recycling containers?

Negotiate a Contract

Once you've selected a hauler, the next step is setting up a contract.  The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Resource Management Programs page has templates for Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and contracts to help you get started.

Implement the Program

Once your contract is in place, you're ready to get started!  Share information about your recycling program with your tenants through regular communications or a kick-off training event.