For Construction

Tackle construction and demolition (C&D) waste with reduction, reuse and recycling. Before building, plan with the architect and contractor to use less material and recycle or reuse what is leftover. Cut demolition waste, too, through salvage and recycling.

Shingle Recycling

Communities can cut asphalt costs by adding recycled shingle scrap to their asphalt hot-mix. Quality is maintained, according to Mn/DOT, while conserving resources. At present, the Twin Cities Metro Area is only recycling 20% to 40% of its shingle scrap. When it pays to pave, why not recycle more shingles?

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design brings us healthy, comfortable buildings that conserve resources and cost less to operate. To learn more, visit the Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide web site. The guide illustrates how to use the concepts in new and existing buildings. For more information and a directory of green building products, visit the MPCA's Green Building web site.

Building Material Reuse Options

Cut demolition waste by recycling good quality building materials. Look up Building Material Reuse Options on the A to Z Material Management Directory.