How-To Guides

Check out the guides below for ideas and guidance on implementing recycling and waste reduction strategies at your business.

5 Steps to Better Business Recycling

Take the pledge to start or improve recycling at your business!

How To: Reduce Waste

Waste reduction is a smart approach to saving money and natural resources.  Find strategies and ideas for your business.

How To: Keep Food Waste Out of the Garbage

Learn how to keep your business's food waste our of the trash and money in your account.

How To: Reduce Office Paper

Businesses tear through copy paper at an estimated annual rate of 10,000 sheets for each office employee. Learn how to reduce the amount of office paper you use.

Business Recycling Tips

Minnesota law prohibits throwing some materials in the garbage. Find out what can be thrown away and what needs special handling.

How To: Green Your Purchases

You may have heard about it - you may even be doing it! Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) or green purchasing is a long phrase for what's really an easy concept - selecting and buying products because they are better for the environment in some way, such as less toxic, conserves energy or water, or uses recycled materials.

How To: Reduce Shipping Materials

Learn how to reduce the impact shipping materials have on the environment.