Recycling at Work Doesn’t Have to Be Work

Posted on October 01, 2016
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You’ve probably taken lots of steps at home to make sure you recycle everything you can and that your home is environmentally friendly. You may have started a backyard composting bin, or bring items that can’t be recycled in curbside bins to drop-off locations. You may even be participating in an organics recycling program, but do you recycle at work?

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Business recycling requires taking the initiative to be champions for recycling in the workplace. According to, more than 80 percent of consumers think companies should try to accomplish their business goals along with improving society and the environment. There are plenty of reasons to keep up your recycling habits at the office. Especially since Minnesota State Law requires commercial buildings with a four-foot-cubic-yard dumpster to recycle at least three items.

Better Business Recycling Resources

You may be familiar with the Resident Guide of Rethink Recycling, but there are many helpful resources in the Business Guide. Pass on your passion for recycling to your office and coworkers with plenty of easy How-To Guides. There’s information on how to reduce office paper, host a green meeting, reduce shipping materials, and keep food waste out of the garbage. Another popular and helpful resource is the Signmaker tool that allows you to customize signs for recycling, organics and trash bins to make sure your office knows what items go where.

Beyond the Bin

Recycling at work is more than just making sure your paper and cardboard end up in the right bin. Use the same creativity you use in your home when it comes to recycling at work, no matter what industry you work in.

Earth911 has some tips to create a waste-free workplace including “precycling” office supplies by reducing the amount of non-recyclable waste you acquire. Most importantly, share some green ideas with your coworkers and help the whole office get in the spirit of the three R’s. Make a pledge to recycle at work and encourage participation within your office to make the program successful.

There’s a Grant for That

Businesses all over Minnesota are diving into green initiatives with the help of grants. Whether you are taking on waste reduction, implementing an organics recycling program, increasing energy efficiency, or strengthening an existing recycling program there may be grants and resources to help.

Ramsey and Washington Counties highlight several success stories, many of which used grants to achieve their goals on BizRecycling. Other counties offer great grant programs including Hennepin and Dakota counties. Waste Wise Foundation also offers grants and features some success stories for businesses including cafes, hotels and manufacturing plants.

Check with your county to see if other grant opportunities may exist and try to go above and beyond the requirements of the new state law when it comes to recycling at work.


Recycling at home is

Recycling at home is something many people are excited about as they use new programs and try to live sustainable, green lives. Take that passion with you to the workplace, by making sure your office or business is doing all it can to help recycle. I found this site, and I reclycle waste and make money. Worth to check.

Great read, well written. thanks for sharing.

Recycling is a choice and way

Recycling is a choice and way of life. It’s one of those habits that help you make money while serving the environment also. Once you make that choice, you could start taking steps towards recycling, reusing and reducing waste in your daily life quite naturally.

Recycling at Work

Thanks for sharing this helpful article. Recycling is truly beneficial, and the recycling programs in office also create a great awareness to everybody. It improves society physically as well as mentally. Recycling work is the environment improving society. Thanks for sharing.

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